Executive Summary

Inkosi Tours & Transfers [Pty] Ltd is a company based in Mpumalanga (White River), which offers much more than tours but curiosity of nature. It is a well registered company being a regulated business as contemplated in section 31 & section 33 of the Mpumalanga Tourism and Parks Agency Act, 2005 (Act No .5 of 2005) read with Mpumalanga Tourism Regulations of South Africa .Goodman Sithembiso Nkosi is the founder and director of Inkosi Tours & Transfers [Pty] Ltd.

Tours & Transfers are conducted by highly qualified registered tour guides, in all kinds of vehicles based on prevalent geographical weather. Only the Inkosi guides are offering a wide range of 11 official languages and excellent background of well designated destinations. Guides play a significant role in the total success of a tour. Each guide’s performance is monitored through a quality control questionnaire. Our guests are always assured of our best attention at all the times.

The company had previously registered as INKOSISG PROJECTS INVESTMENTS (Pty) Ltd but trades as Inkosi Tours & Transfers today and has witnessed a steady growth over the past years from a fledgling company operating with no vehicle to its present position as small yet competitive industry operator. 

  • Mission Statement

Our company, like many others, is underpinned by a mission which propels it towards attaining its objectives. Thus, its mission can be summed up thus,

“To remain a reputable first choice company which provides clients with reliable, quality service nationally and internationally by using a highly experienced and motivated team in the Tourism industry”.

  • Vision

To transform our enterprise in such a way that it attains expansion capabilities to other parts of South Africa as well as beyond national frontiers.

  • Objectives

In line with our mission and vision, we have also geared our resources toward attaining the following objectives; namely to,

  • achieve 100% total customer satisfaction;
  • empower our workforce by delegating responsibility and authority, expecting high level of performance, and by rewarding in accordance with such performance;
  • act honestly and fairly at all times and in accordance with accepted business ethics and practices;
  • maintain the highest standards of service delivery;



5.0 Legal Compliance

As a private limited liability company, and pursuant to the legal obligations obtaining in the Republic of South Africa, our company expressly outlines, by means of this profile, the various pieces of legislation with which it complies. These can be categorized into two facets; i.e., those it is currently bound by as preconditions to its official existence on the one hand, and those it envisions to abide by subsequent to its expansion. Thus the first category comprises;

  • The New Companies Act 2008;
  • The Income Tax Act 1962 (as amended);
  • The Basic Conditions of Employment Act 1983 (including its 2002 and subsequent amendments);

The second facet of legal compliance comprises those pieces of legislation and regulations of relevant bodies we shall abide by in future as a consequence of our company’s expansion. These include, but shall by no means be limited to;

  • The Value Added Tax Act 1991
  • The Skills Development Levy
  • Any piece of legislation which may be binding on our company as promulgated in the National Gazette.