Inkosi Tours and Transfers  is currently embarking on a service expansion policy in which it offers educational tours to high school students and teachers . the aim is to educate students  whilst partnering with the Department of Tourism ,on the importance of fauna and flora at national parks ,especially the Kruger National Park .

The experience will include a full day drive on an open safari  vehicle with a qualified tour guide.the Kruger National Park is one of the well respected  in the world that offers  tourists with the opportunity to see the big five i.e. the lion ,elephant ,rhinoceros ,leopard , and buffalo .these are collectively known as fauna or wildlife .whilst this is more fascinating  aspects  of the Park . the Park offers different kinds of birds and reptile species as well as different kinds of flora (vegetation species ).

The Republic of South Africa is a signatory to the convention agaist the International Trade in Endangered species (CITES)which binds members to states to protect endangered species of fauna and flora. Through the tours conducted under the auspices of Inkosi Tours and Transfers ,students will be able to learn more on the kinds of endangered fauna and flora that are protected by the CITES      convention.




On the designated day the tour will commence from the school which will constitude the pick up point for students and  teachers and will end at thee school as the drop off point . Inkosi Tours and Transfers as an accredited tour operating  company  has qualified Drives  who are also conversant with the topography of surrounding areas of the Kruger National Park and the other Private Game Reserves .

During the hour –long  orientantion ,students will learn on tourism in South Africa  i.e. aspects of its origins ,the variour types  of species found therein ,and perhaps most  importantly ,its contribution to the economy of the republic of South Africa .in the park students will notice stamped or marked trees and will learn about their names and what their significance is to the environment .

International students can expect to experience a truly warm and proundly South African experience through the various tourists destinations our country has to offer .we hope  tp make an impression on our foreign visitors in order to entice their compatriots to visit and contemplate starting businesses in this thriving economic sector .









The advantage of touring the park with Inkosi Tours and Transfers  in an open safari vehicle is the panoramic view the vehicle will offer of the park . this will enable students to see animals at close quarters as well as offer them the opportunity to question the tour guide on the various aspects of interest .additionally students will also have the opportunity to be addressed by the head guides about prospects of taking up tourism as a profession in their post-academic pursuits . this opportunity will also be extended  to other important figures such as the Heads of Tourism, Culture and Sports .

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